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+7 (921)939-30-26
10 minutes on foot from the metro station “Baltiyskaya”, room 17, 199-201,building 1, Obvodny channel emb., St. Petersburg, Russia
пн.-вс. 09:00 - 22:00 (согласно расписанию занятий)
Русская версия




Если вы умеете ходить - вы умеете танцевать!!!


Пробуй легко

Our rules

• You must book lessons that you want to come for. We advise you to buy subscriptions before the 25th of every month. The period of validity is 1 calendar month.

• If you don’t come to a lesson but inform about it one day in advance you can work it off in other groups according to the schedule if space available (no more than 2 times in a month). You can postpone your lessons more than two times in a month, the cost of change is 100 rubles (in any group if space available) in a current month.

• You can reschedule lessons due to illness and if you have a doctor’s excuse.

• You can choose the time of private lessons that will be convenient for you (due to the agreement with an instructor).

If you can’t come to a private training, it’s necessary to inform about it one day before and postpone it to another time which is convenient for you.