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Acrobatics for adults in Pole Dance is: Nowadays everybody knows that physical activity brings benefits. Thanks to regular physical exercises you have good health, slim figure, myogenic tonus.

What is the Acrobatics? One of the types of physical activity can be Acrobatics. Both, those who have just started to take Acrobatics classes and those who have certain physical skills have the opportunity to learn the basic points of Acrobatics.

Acrobatics allows you to develop such skills as flexibility, endurance, and the ability to control one's own body. Being one of the subtypes of Gymnastics, Acrobatics is a complicated set of skills and abilities that are developed during the constant improving of your capabilities and self-improvement.

What are the types of Acrobatics? For beginners more preferable will be to take classes of Acrobatics for beginners, during the learning process of new skills their abilities expand and new exercises are added.  

Acrobatics classes for adults have their important points:

• The experience of the instructor is essential to work with adult, untrained people;

• The ability of the instructor to spot for an adult when he or she does acrobatic elements. The weight of an adult is much more than the weight of a child, the instructor must be strong enough physically and experienced to backstop.

Acrobatics for those who go in for Pole Dance include:

• Posing, including the position of the hands and feet, their participation in different elements;

• The study of basic postures and exercises;

• Different types of leaps;

• The study of combined exercises;

• The study how to do elements in a static position and during movement;

• The study of acrobatic elements for dance performances;

• The study of more complex combinations of elements and their use in dance compositions.

You can go in for Acrobatics almost at any age and also with any level of initial skills. It will help you to become well-built and more flexible.


• Igor Akinin

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