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Aerial Silks

It has a lot of names : Aerial Contortion, Aerial Ribbons, Aerial Tissues, Fabric, Dance Silks, Aerial Dance and many others.

Such an abundance of terms appeared because this direction contains a variety of dance, gymnastic and acrobatic elements and refers to such sports section as Aerial Gymnastics.

Dance Silks is a mix of elements that are sometimes similar to those of Pole Dance. The difference is that the apparatus are two long pieces of cloth fixed under the ceiling. Unlike pole silks are more dynamic and require more skill and dexterity.  

In our country the development of this kind of activity in dance studios began just a few years ago. Initially these aerial acrobats could only be seen at the circus (hence another name comes from). Today almost everyone can go in for it. Aerial Silks become more and more popular hobby in St. Petersburg. But don’t forget that this type of fitness can be very dangerous, that’s why, please, choose professional studios and instructorers.

!!!The professionalism of the instructorers, comfort and safety should be the main criteria when you choose a school!!!

In Pole Dance Style Studio Aerial Silks is one of the priorities. We have all the conditions to make training process give you only positive emotions.

• 1 silk for 1 person what allows you to get maximum benefit from lessons;

• No more than 7 people in a group what provides an individual attention to each student;

• One of the best instructors in St. Petersburg;

• Mandatory use of safety mats;

• Professional equipment;

• High ceilings (4,5 meters)

Aerial Silks: preliminary training This type of Aerial Gymnastics doesn’t require any special training. There is a number of physical properties that can significantly facilitate training, but you can develop them directly during the lessons:

• Good vestibular labyrinth

• Good gymnastic stretching

• Well-trained arm muscles (the focus of the main exercise stress is on them)

• No fear of heights

The frequency and intensity of training will depend on the level of you training. At first you will be offered stretching exercises and workout for all muscle groups of the body. Then you will little by little learn to stick to the pole and tie basic knots. The first lessons of Aerial Silks take place at a low height, only 1 meter. After that you learn different poses and transitions, the number and complexity of them will be increased step by step.

Contraindications for practicing Aerial Gymnastics: Everybody can take the lessons of Aerial Silks. There are no restrictions due to age, sex or fitness level. Contraindications to training can only be due to:

• Injuries

• Diseases of supporting-motor apparatus

• Vascular disease (particularly tendency to hypertension and dizziness)

Useful information about Aerial Silks: If you want to go in for this graceful and beautiful kind of dance, it is useful to know some things about it.


• leggings or tights

• Turtleneck or gymnastic leotard with sleeves

• You can put socks or dancing ballet flats

Additional requirements:

During the training you should remove hair and all jewelry (rings, earrings, chains etc).

In addition to Aerial Silks we advise you to take the following lessons:


Conditioning for those who go in for Pole Dance or Arial Gymnastics

What’s the result?

The aim of Aerial Acrobatics is not necessarily public performances or personal complicated performances. The lessons of Aerial Silks can serve simply to promote health and improve your body shape. During the training process all the muscles of the body strengthen. Especially muscles-stabilizers develop (they are responsible for the stability of the body, maintaining the balance).

• Aerial Silks develop such qualities as endurance, strength, flexibility, dexterity. Reaction rate will become faster.

• There appears the ability to take quick decisions. It’s the essential aspect of Aerial Silks as during your performance sometimes you will have to make leeway.

•There appears the ability to perfectly control your body.

• Finally your body will become more lissom and flexible.

You will have a well-shaped body, a correct posture and delicate movements. Aerial Silks is an exquisite and beautiful sport which don’t leave the audience indifferent. If you want to be fit as a flea, you are ready to make efforts and delighted with Dance Silks, this type of acrobatics is just for you.