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+7 (921)939-30-26
10 minutes on foot from the metro station “Baltiyskaya”, room 17, 199-201,building 1, Obvodny channel emb., St. Petersburg, Russia
пн.-вс. 09:00 - 22:00 (согласно расписанию занятий)
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Jazz Modern

Jazz Modern is one of the kinds of modern choreography which mixes together two different directions: jazz and modern. Jazz dance is a dance of emotions, energy and strength. Modern is a new interpretation of classical choreography. Jazz Modern seeks to express the spiritual needs and the search of modern man. The return to naturalness and nature, freedom of movement unlimited by academic dogmas, generates the strongest expression of feelings and emotions. Passion, rebellion, feeling, expression is the emotional side of the dance, the mixture of choreographic ballet training and jerks, sometimes unrestraint kinds of jazz dance is a technical side of dance. Jazz Modern can become a separate world for you where you will live, or a book that you will learn and continue.