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+7 (921)939-30-26
10 minutes on foot from the metro station “Baltiyskaya”, room 17, 199-201,building 1, Obvodny channel emb., St. Petersburg, Russia
пн.-вс. 09:00 - 22:00 (согласно расписанию занятий)
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Если вы умеете ходить - вы умеете танцевать!!!


Пробуй легко

Why Pole Dance Style?

Pole Dance (Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, Pole Acrobatic, Exotic Pole Dance) is the most popular kind of dance and fitness which seeks to be recognized as a professional sport.

In Pole Dance Style Studio we don’t just teach Pole Dance. It’s our life! Your age, abilities, stretching don’t play the crucial part for your training. The main factor is your desire to go in for Pole Dance.


Professional instructors

Our instructors not only can do complex pole elements themselves but also can properly explain to students how to do them.

The Studio has developed a program how to teach Pole Dance to people from the ground up. We teach beginners strictly in accordance with this program which guarantees the safety of Pole Dance training for people of very different levels (age, weight, flexibility).

• Variety of directions, flexible schedule.

Pole Dance classes are divided into three types to make learning of Pole Dance more effective (Pole Fitness, Pole Dance, Exotic Pole Dance).

Also there are additional classes which are necessary to improve the proficiency level of pole dancers: Stretching, Conditioning, Acrobatics, Jazz Modern.

Moreover in our studio are developed the following kinds of Aerial Acrobatics: Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop. There are morning, afternoon and evening classes.

• Individual attention to every student.

It's not just words hanging in the air. The maximum number of people in a group is 8.

ONLY ONE PERSON FOR ONE POLE!!! In this case an instructor can pay maximum attention to every student.

Spacious halls, stylish design

Comfortable conditions is a key point of good mood and success. There are two spacious halls with poles, a comfortable changing room, a sitting area with free WI-FI.

The interior of the studio is made in Loft style: red brick walls, large windows and high ceilings of the nineteenth century factory.

There are photos of dancers on the walls- everything brings the atmosphere of creativity.

Professional equipment

In Pole Dance Studio you can be sure that you use the best professional equipment:

- Professional poles of Pole4You brand

- Every pole has “static” and “spinning” modes

- Height - 4 m, diameter 43mm (1 pole is 45mm, 1pole is 50mm)

- Hanging Chinese pole

- Safety mats, stretching mats and stretching blocks

- Aerial silks and hoop

• Favorable location

The Studio is located within walking distance from the metro station "Baltiyskaya" (10 minutes). There is free guarded parking for those who go by car.

We unlock creative potential of our students 

We regularly arrange

- professional photo and video shooting for our students

- performances at dance shows of the studio

- workshops of famous dancers and instructors

- our students regularly take part in various pole dance competitions

• Price policy

For your convenience there are different types of subscriptions in the studio (according to the number of lessons and period of validity)

Our studio constantly arranges different promotions which you can find in a special section of the web site.