Aero Stretching

Aero Stretching

Aero Stretching

Stretching (translated from English) means stretching. This is a specially selected set of exercises aimed at stretching the muscles of the whole body, at developing flexibility. Such classes are shown to people of any age, regardless of the existing level of physical fitness.

Aero stretching is stretching exercises that are held in special hammocks hanging in the air.

Regular aero stretching classes will help you:

- work out absolutely all muscle groups, which often is not possible to do in a regular workout in the fitness room;
- eliminate tension and pain in various parts of the body, due to relaxation and stretching of muscles contracted after loads, relieve accumulated stress, fatigue, stimulate blood circulation;
- lose weight, improve posture and gain natural flexibility;
- Improve your mood and chat with interesting people during classes.

One has only to start and very soon you will discover completely new opportunities for your body, which you had not previously been aware of.

Usually, stretching exercises take place on the floor, but the floor itself may prevent you from achieving a better result (by friction, resistance ...). Tissue and air do not create resistance, which means they do not prevent you from relaxing and stretching as much as possible, muscles stretch softly and naturally under the weight of your own body. Such activities are the safest and most effective.
To achieve the desired results, you need to do 2-3 times a week. Over time, you will notice that classes bring more and more pleasure, fatigue disappears, body lines change and smooth out.

Stretching is a full-fledged independent workout, which without fail begins with warming up the joints and warming up the muscles. Classes with an experienced and attentive teacher will not only be absolutely safe, but also heal you. Aero stretching is useful both for the body and for the soul: in the classroom, you will learn to concentrate on your feelings, “feel” your body, and treat yourself more consciously and carefully. The calm pace of the lesson will help you relax and put your thoughts in order.
Beginners are given simpler options for exercises, the teacher controls each student, avoiding the wrong postures and traumatic situations.

Recommended clothing: elastic clothing, preferably insulated. You can wear leggings, warm socks, sweatshirts with long sleeves over a T-shirt, so that the muscles warm up faster and stretch better.


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