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Dance acrobatics

Dance acrobatics

Dance acrobatics

Today everyone knows the benefits received from various types of physical activity. After all, it is thanks to the constancy in physical education that you can be sure of the health benefits, as well as maintaining a balanced figure and muscle tone.

Dance acrobatics is one of the types of physical activity, unlike basic standard acrobatics, in dance acrobatics the emphasis is on dance tricks: flips, flips, balances, friezes, various stances, transitions that require an understanding of technical performance, trained muscles, and balance.

In addition, doing dance directions, a pylon, etc., various exercises, elements, transitions are often used, directly related to acrobatics. Air sports and, in general, dance styles in the modern world are quite well developed, progressing every day, becoming more complicated.

When staging numbers, the ground floor does not appear without complicated acrobatic elements, while performing various tricks is doubly difficult in special dance shoes, for example, in the same strips.

The opportunity to master acrobatics is provided for both beginners and those who have certain physical skills.

Acrobatics allows you to develop such skills as flexibility, endurance, plasticity, as well as the ability to control your own body, balance. Being one of the subtypes of gymnastics, acrobatics is a rather complicated set of skills and abilities that are mastered with the constant improvement of their abilities and work on themselves.

Acrobatics can be mastered at almost any age, as well as in the presence of any level of basic skills, helping you become more fit and flexible!

Grace and beauty is achieved through persistent training !!!

Acrobatics dance is a great addition to such areas as Striplastika, Exotic Pole Dance, Contemporary Pole Dance.

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  • avatar image13.03.2014Виктор Халимон
    Отличный преподаватель; после первого же занятия понял, что акробатика это моё ))). Очень здорово помогает разнообразить пилонную программу, да и вообще более полно раскрыть возможности своего тела. Рекомендую всем.
  • avatar image13.03.2014Yana Yak
    С матом неловкое трение, колесо, фляк назад, падение
    Каждое упражнение меняет моё настроение

    Нужно быть немножечко злой, чтобы в спорте расти над собой
    Нужно время упорство и рвение...но у Игоря хватит терпения.

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