Booty dance

Booty dance

Buty dance, twerk - (English twerking, booty dance, booty shake, twerk) - a modern dance direction, the basis of which is the active and rhythmic movements of the buttocks, hips, abdomen. Translated from English booty dance means "dance booty." The origin of the booty dace is due to the tribal dances of African women.

Elements of the dance include various movements, such as: movement of the buttocks, rhythmic rotation of the hips and lower back, isolation in the dance of one gluteus muscle from the other, isolation during the movement of the buttocks of the upper body from the lower, description of the figure with eight hips, hips.

Booty dance classes allow you to acquire a sports form, using the muscles of the hips, buttocks, lower back, legs, legs and abs, helps to relax and get rid of complexes

The uniform for the class is sports. leggings, top, T-shirt. Shoes: sneakers, sneakers

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