Contemporary pole

Contemporary pole

Contemporary pole

Contemporary pole is a new kind of dance that combines modern choreography and acrobatic pylon tricks.

Contemporary is perhaps the most striking and creative style of contemporary dance. There are no hard and fast rules. Choreography is based on the personality of the dancer himself, on the image that he seeks to convey. This is a very sincere dance: contemporary choreography is able to express complex, contradictory feelings, tell a story, convey a breakdown, despair, hope, inspiration. At the same time, movements are always close to natural impulses, impulses, desires of the human body. One of the first ideologists of “free” dance is Isadora Duncan. She believed that dance should be the path to emancipation, a return to the roots.

You may ask: how can two such different directions as contemporary and pole combine? But harmony is born in the unity of opposites: expressive, breathtaking elements on the pylon emotionally complement the dance and make it more spectacular, while contemporary aesthetics bring a spirit of freedom, individuality, empathy to pole dance.

The direction is designed for both experienced pylon dancers and beginners. However, if you want to learn more difficult and interesting tricks faster, you will also have to attend pole fitness. This will only add color to your new look in the contemporary pole.

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