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Pole Fitness for men

Pole Fitness for men

Pole Fitness for men

Acrobatics / fitness on the pylon is a relatively new direction, which has gained popularity among men. It is a mistake to believe that the pylon dance is exclusively a female direction. Pole dance is actively developing. The male pylon has long stood out in a separate direction. Pylon acrobatics competitions in the men's category are included in all the largest Russian and world PoleDance championships.

Distinctive features of male pylon dance:

  • Basis - air-gymnastic power tricks (flags of various grabs, blanches, power balances)
  • Acrobatics elements carried on a pylon - somersaults (at different heights), wheels, coups, pirouettes
  • Elements for flexibility are present, but, unlike the female direction, are not its basis
  • Clothing - sweatpants or shorts, T-shirt

In the male dance on the pylon, pylons of 2 modes are also used - “statics” and “dynamics” (rotate around its axis).

The shell that came to the dance studios from the circus - the Chinese pylon - a rubberized pipe that is practiced in clothes (all skin areas must be covered to prevent burns from strong adhesion) is very popular among men. Increased traction allows you to perform complex acrobatic elements without the risk of "slipping" from the pylon. The Chinese pylon is of two types - “Static” and “Suspended”.

The suspended Chinese pylon is especially interesting - athletes perform complex acrobatic elements, swaying on a pipe suspended from the ceiling - this causes particular interest of the audience at the performances, and, at the same time, makes the development of this air projectile quite difficult and interesting.


There are no separate male groups in the studio. You can choose any Pole Fitness group at a time convenient for you.

Clothing for acrobatics on the pylon:

  • Sweatpants or shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Sneakers on your feet (you can practice barefoot)

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