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Gymnastics on the ring

Gymnastics on the ring

Gymnastics on the ring

Gymnastics on the ring (aerial hoop, circus ring) is a direction of aerial acrobatics, which most recently “went beyond the boundaries of the circus arena and has become available to anyone who wants to discover this complex and incredibly beautiful art form. Gymnastics on the air ring are a balance of strength and plasticity, a variety of elements and freedom of creativity. Artists work on static and dynamic shells, alone or in pairs, in various styles.

Classes on the ring are becoming increasingly popular along with other areas of acrobatics (pole-dance and gymnastics on canvases), combining the possibility of self-realization and the use of fitness. Doing gymnastics on the ring, you will become stronger, more graceful, more plastic and balanced (in every sense). Exercise can improve posture and the ability to control your own body. If you have experience training on a pylon or canvases, it will be easier for you to learn gymnastics on the ring. However, this type of "sport-art", like others, is available to every beginner. The main thing here is your teacher’s desire and talent: in the Pole-dance style, classes in the aerial ring are conducted by Irina Savina, whose circus and teaching experience helps students quickly achieve success. Classes necessarily include a warm-up to warm up all muscle groups. Taking the first steps in mastering the air ring in our school, you can be sure that the classes will be completely safe: in the hall - professional equipment, safety mats. In the first classes, the ring is suspended at a height of only 1 m, which helps to avoid injuries and fear among beginners.

You can begin to “conquer” the ring at any age, with any level of physical fitness. As with other types of aerial gymnastics, contraindications can be injuries, serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system and blood vessels.

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  • leggings or leggings
  • turtleneck or gymnastic leotard with sleeves or jumpsuit
  • on feet - socks or ballet shoes



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