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Technique Exotic Pole Dance

Technique Exotic Pole Dance

Technique Exotic Pole Dance

The Exotic Pole Dance technique (exotic floor dance) is a preparatory lesson that understands the technique of making twists, racks, transitions and the ground part of Exotic Pole Dance.

Anyone can engage in this area, even those who have just started to practice the pylon, regardless of age, height, or build.

For those who have just come to pylon sports and want to continue to engage not only in acrobatics on the pylon, but also to dance, we separately added this direction so that it would be more accessible and easier to switch to studying the dance link at Exotic Pole Dance lessons. Anyone who has long been engaged in pylon dancing can also go to it.

In addition to this direction, the first months we also recommend visiting Stretching and Pole Fitness.

Uniform for Exotic Pole Dance classes:

- top or shirt

- leggings / leggings,

- on your feet, preferably high-heeled shoes - strips, or in socks,

- at will golfs, leggings.

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