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Aerial acrobatics for children

Aerial acrobatics for children

Aerial acrobatics for children

Acrobatics on a pylon for children or aerial gymnastics for children (canvases, ring) are becoming increasingly popular.

If you want your children to do acrobatics on a pylon, canvases or a ring, we recommend that you pay attention to several features:

  • The age of children when they can attend general groups for Pole Fitness (Acrobatic) is from 8 years old (with written permission from the parents);
  • Children 4-7 years old can study individually in the studio;
  • Aerial acrobatics on canvases or a ring are possible in general groups from 14 years old to 14 years old individually.
  • Consult your doctor if your child can do acrobatics. If there are serious problems with the spine, heart, blood vessels, joints, etc. - Air acrobatics is contraindicated.

In addition to acrobatics classes on a pylon or aerial gymnastics, we recommend attending:

  • Acrobatics
  • Paging (RPP)
  • Stretching



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